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SOW – Terms

Statement of Work – General Terms

  • Additional work beyond the scope and budget defined in SOW will be authorized in writing, and billed at hourly consulting rate of $120/hr.    
  • Any changes in this SoW – will be presented again for approval.                 
  • Late fee of 7.5% may be appended to invoices overdue
  • All website recommendations, coding, navigation etc. made – will either be quoted separately by French & Co. or be implemented by client’s Web Team/Coder. Simple edits such as Page Titles & Meta Descriptions can be implemented by French & Co.                       
  • There is no guarantee in Organic Results; however, diligent work will be dedicated to get you in the top rankings; in the most efficient and impacting manner
  • NDA’s will gladly be signed; French & Co. does however hold that any type of confidential and proprietary information just that confidential and will remain between client & French & Co. Unless authorized by client; reports, log in credentials and the like will not be shared with third parties.  
    • French & Co. may provide examples – but no client specific information will be included or revealed.